Feast: Get Your Best Clients by Jason Resnick

Identify Bad Leads So That They Don't Become Clients

Work with your ideal and best clients who respect and value you. 

Go from working with anyone needing a pair of hands to working with clients who respect you, value your experience and respect you as a partner.

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Be More Profitable With Clients Who Respect You

Being known as the "WooCommerce Guy" and "ConvertKit Specialist" has been the way that my business has thrived.

Being known as a "web designer" or "web developer" is the fast track to being compared to everyone else out there in the market.

The competitive advantage in being positioned and known for something commands respect and premium prices for your services.

You Are The "Go-To" Person For Your Clients

Getting in front of your ideal clients is harder than it's ever been with over 57 million freelancers in the U.S. (as of 12/2019) and 33% of them being independent creative contractors.

You don't want to be competing on price! That is exactly what I did in 2011 and look where that got me.

Seek out where your best clients come from and be there front and center is the key to successfully landing your best clients.

Getting Your Best Client Is Important So That ...

You Stop Fighting Algorithms

No more fighting with job board algorithms and tweaking profiles for hours on end to compete with others in a race to the bottom.

You Are Referable

When someone can hear a key attribute of your ideal client, it makes you instantly referable.

The more outstanding, predictable and consistent your client experiences are, the more referrals you'll generate.

You Are Producing High-Quality Results

Having in-depth knowledge and understanding on solving the problems your best clients have shows a track record of success to prospective clients. 

Laying the foundation for putting you and your business in the best position possible.

If you are a sub-contractor or working primarily with clients through Upwork, you can diversify and get your own clients.

Avoid Having A Your Income By One or Two Sources
Having 50% or more of your income via one contract or one platform leaves you vulnerable. I'll show you how to get your own clients. And how to be certain that you can charge what you are worth.

Use The Right Platform To Attract Ideal Clients
Are you overwhelmed with all the social media platforms? You may only need to focus on one. You may only need to produce a specific kind of content since that is what type your ideal client consumes.

Choose A Rate That Your Client Will Pay
Price is subjective. Profits depend on the value you bring. I'll show you the formula to use for your rate.

Do I Need An Elevator Pitch?
Avoid reciting your list of projects and having the other person look glossy-eyed. Included are 2 templates to concisely, accurately, and efficiently develop an elevator pitch.

Write, Talk, and Share What Your Client Wants to Hear
Included are my recommended ideas for content you can produce quickly and be able to directly attract your ideal client.

Attend Industry Events and Meetups With Purpose and Land Clients
You'll be armed with a gameplan for ever single event you attend with the included Event Gameplan and Questions to Ask worksheet.

Avoid Bad Outreach Emails
Finally, I'll show you how to stand out from the crowd when it comes to outreach and getting in front of an audience of your potential clients.

"Confident with my position in the space"

I feel good about the space I'm in and how I've positioned myself in this industry. I feel confident in where it's at and I'm getting people referring me my best kind of client.

When I first put up my site it was thin in terms of how well it was positioned. Now my site is working for me in attracting the exact client I'm looking for.
Mike Harmer, popcornsites.com

What's included?

Video Icon 18 videos File Icon 30 files


The Client Quad
The Client Quad
9 mins
The Client Quad.pdf
313 KB
Client Fundamentals
Who Is Your Client
10 mins
What Problem Do They Need Solving
14 mins
Would They Pay
13 mins
Attract Your Ideal Client to You
Do You Enjoy The Work
12 mins
Craft Your Unique Value Proposition
11 mins
Define Your Rate
14 mins
Marketing to Your Ideal Client
How To Position Your Business With Blogging
12 mins
How To Attend Events To Land Clients
13 mins
How To Say "No"
10 mins
Being Organized Makes Your Stand Out
13 mins
How To Get On Podcasts
12 mins
How To Guest Post On Other Blogs
10 mins
Who Is Your Client Worksheet
283 KB
What Problem Do They Need Solving: Quarterly Temperature Call Worksheet
61.1 KB
Would They Pay Worksheet
301 KB
Do You Enjoy The Work: Scorecard
40.9 KB
Unique Value Proposition Worksheet
38.2 KB
Define Your Rate: Pricing Formula Worksheet
46.5 KB
Position Yourself With Blogging: Blog Post Ideas
63.1 KB
How To Attend Events: Event Plan
61.4 KB
Swipe: Email Template for Introductions.pdf
38.1 KB
Being Organized: Automation Tools
44.9 KB
How To Get On Podcasts: Outreach Template
38.6 KB
How To Guest Post: Outreach Template
39.9 KB
Expert Chit Chat: Brian Casel
37 mins
Expert Chit Chat: Kai Davis
32 mins
Sales Pipeline: Activity Based Selling
13 mins
Pipeline Stage Goals Worksheet
Sales Pipeline: Setting Up Pipedrive
23 mins
Set Up Your Website Lead Forms
12 mins
Gravity Forms: Project Brief
4.74 KB
Gravity Forms: Quick Contact
1.86 KB
Standard HTML: Project Brief and Quick Contact
5.58 KB
Autoresponder Template: Fill Out Project Brief
276 KB
Audio Only
Who Is Your Client
10 mins
What Problem Do They Need Solving
14 mins
Would They Pay
13 mins
Do You Enjoy The Work
12 mins
Craft Your Unique Value Proposition
11 mins
Define Your Rate
14 mins
How To Position Your Business With Blogging
12 mins
How To Attend Events To Land Clients
13 mins
How To Say "No"
10 mins
Being Organized Makes Your Stand Out
13 mins
How To Get On Podcasts
12 mins
How To Guest Post On Other Blogs
10 mins

BONUS: Expert Chit Chats

Kai Davis

If there’s one guru in the outreach space, it’s Kai Davis.

Whether it’s blog writing, podcast, or email outreach, Kai’s shares with us the exact approach you can use for each. 

Outreach is a manual process no doubt, but Kai gives amazing suggestions on how to put a system in place to make it more effective for you, whether it’s marketing or sales.

Brian Casel

Brian started out as a freelance web designer and built several successful productized business, Restaurant Engine, Hotel Propeller and Audience Ops. 

By productizing his business, he could generate recurring revenue in his business to be able to travel the world and spend time with his family. 

Focusing his one solution to one type of client, he transformed his freelance business into productize consulting where he literally spends only about 4 or 5 hours a week in the business.

BONUS: Setting Up Your Sales Process

Focusing on past performance when it comes to sales is a practice you want to break sooner rather than later.

Focusing on activities that you are doing today to affect future sales will allow you to predict if you’ll reach your numbers very early on.

This bonus includes:
2 videos
Walk-through of setting up your sales process
A worksheet to figure out your key metrics for one-off projects
A worksheet to figure out your key metrics for recurring retainers

"I've gained the confidence to say 'no' "

I've gained confidence to say 'no' to bad customers. Our focus has improved a lot. Rather than working on everything at once, the coaching sessions helped breakdown and prioritize the work.
Kate Gilbert, wpmaster.me

Personalized Guidance

Exclusive to Feast Academy courses is the personal, 1-on-1 guidance to help you achieve results. This you get from Day 1. Not as add-on or bonus. It's included! 

It's what I had looked for when I was starting my development business. Think of it like a guidance counselor or university advisor. You have to do the work, but I'll help point you in the direction to go.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t love the course in the first 30 days, let me know and I’ll give you a refund.

My goal is to make sure your business grows in a positive direction. If you give the course an honest effort by implementing the methods and systems in your business and you don’t get any growth, then I haven’t done my job and do not deserve to keep your money.

I'm Jason Resnick and I made this for you

I’ve been running my own development business since 2010. Listening to the types of clients I wanted more of and focused on the solution they wanted, that is when I realized my goals of running my own business were in reach. 

#1 goal was being able to spend more time with family.

"A rising tide raises all boats."

I created this so that developers and designers can learn and thrive from a foundation I wish that I had and that's working in today's market.


I don’t really have a start yet, and others may be a few steps ahead of where I am. Is this for me?

Whether you have 0 or 1000 clients (btw I have and only need 7) you will get something from this. I can’t guarantee that some folks won’t be sharing things about their current business and hurdles they have. But that is more that you can learn from if you are just starting out. The lessons, the Slack community, expert chit chats, group calls, and any other new content within the course will be for anyone looking to build a sustainable business. Whether it’s Day 1 or Day 1000, doesn’t matter. The ideas and methods will work for you.

The course looks great, but there are so many. What is the key difference vs. all the others?

Key difference is the approach I take in all Feast courses vs every webinar/course on the topic I’ve bought. Feast takes a very different approach. I don’t dump you a bunch of videos or PDFs. I don’t leave you hanging high and dry after I hand you the templates to use in your business. I help you and make sure that you slide them into your processes. I guide you every step of the way. Yes, me, myself, and I. I don’t pass you off to someone else.

Then I give you the next step and help you keep iterating on your business. It produces momentum, gives you small quick wins and gets you motivated. All of which gives you confidence and increases your chances of reaching your goal. I know this first hand, because my goal was to 10x my monthly revenue in one year. By putting this in place, I was able to achieve that goal in 6 months.

Can I afford this right now?

At the end of the day that’s a question you have to answer. If you can’t put groceries in your fridge, then I don’t want you to buy the course. However I can tell you that the lessons in the course made me 6-figures year-over-year since 2014. I’ve built my business with what you will learn. This is an investment. Instead of thinking how much ANY item costs, ask yourself how much does it cost in relation to how much it makes you.

Are the lessons drip fed?

No. You have it all immediately. Plenty of material for you to look at on Day 1.

On top of that, we'll schedule a quick call so I can help provide the guidance to help you sift through that so that you can get to work on what you need to, right now.


Is this only for developers?

Absolutely not! It’s for developers, designers, marketers, writers and anyone looking to build a business designed around the life they want to live.

Many of the examples and references may be geared towards developers and designers.

Bottom line, though, there is no coding involved 😉

Is my credit card safe?

Of course! I’ve partnered with Podia and Stripe to handle billing and provide a secure socket layer, 256-bit encryption. Basically, if you aren't a 🤓... you're good! 

Feast: Get Your Best Clients

Work with your ideal and best clients who respect and value you.

Go from working with anyone needing a pair of hands to 
working with clients who respect you, 
value your experience and respect you as a partner.