Get Better At Sales Calls!

Get more confidence on your sales calls and learn some new approaches by role playing where I am playing the lead and you want to land the project.

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Feast Club

Now more than ever, we, as developers and designers and marketers, need to be serving our clients and growing our business through marketing.

The moment is now to surround yourself with like-minded people, support, folks going through similar scenarios, and others that are only a few paces ahead of you on the same path.

Feast: Get Your Best Clients

Start working with your ideal and best clients 
by knowing exactly who they are. 

Go from working with anyone needing a pair of hands to 
working with clients who respect you, 
value your experience and respect you as a partner.

Freelancer's Sales Kit

Sales Call Role Play

I'm Jason Resnick and I made this for you

I’ve been running my own development business since 2010. Listening to the types of clients I wanted more of and focused on the solution they wanted, that is when I realized my goals of running my own business were in reach. 

#1 goal was being able to spend more time with family.

"A rising tide raises all boats."

I created this so that developers and designers can learn and thrive from a foundation I wish that I had and that's working in today's market.